Expected Student Outcomes

Glasgow Christian Academy

2015-2017 Expected Student Outcomes

(Presented at Teacher Orientation – August 2015 – Derived from Core Values)


  1. GCA students, upon graduation or as an upperclassman, can articulate and defend their Biblical Worldview while having a basic understanding of opposing worldviews

7th – 12th Grade Bible Courses                     Surveys to Alumni


  1. Students respect, obey, and honor their authority figures, understanding how this relates to respecting, obeying and honoring the Lord.

Classroom Behavior Rules            Chapel

GCA Handbook

  1. Students are well prepared in all academic disciplines and are eager to use their skills.

Qualified Staff                                                   Approved Curriculum

Lesson Plans                                                       Community Opportunities

  1. Read God’s Word daily. Learn to love, study, and desire God’s Word.  Teach others God’s Word.

Personal Application                       Bible Classes                      Personal Examples

Approved Curriculum                     Chapel

  1. In all our GCA students and our school participates in, do in excellence representing Christ.

Handbook                                           Surveys                                Athletics

Beta                                                       Crossroads/NextStep

  1. Students and staff look for areas of service both locally and globally.

Church Opportunities                    Community Opportunities (Crossroads, NextStep, etc.)

Davis Family                                       Paige Family

ACSI                                                       Rejoice with Student’s Professions from summer